About Us

About Equitis

Equitis Sustainability Consultants is the new name for the sustainability practice of Mehdi & Ward. This practice area was first established in 2001 and in 2011 we celebrated 10 years of delivering outstanding sustainability advice to our clients.

Our sustainability practice was established as a logical development of the professional services being delivered across the two existing areas of real estate and technology. The initial service was focussed on carbon foot-printing using custom software developed in-house by our software team. Energy audit and assessment quickly followed and since that time we have steadily expanded the services we offer to property owners and advisers.

The group has been delivering high-value consultancy services since 1982 and has been developing custom business software applications since 1986. Headquartered in London, with clients in the UK and US, Equitis provides consultancy services that enable our clients to understand and improve their performance in the areas of sustainability and corporate responsibility and disaster recovery. These insights help our clients to enhance their business performance, meet the expectations of stakeholders and comply with the increasingly complex regulatory framework.

Proven Expertise

Equitis combines  in-depth technical  expertise with expert knowledge of real estate and economics, which gives us a clear focus and detailed understanding of the problems and challenges of sustainability. Our strong financial and commercial background means that our services are always delivered in a way that is practical and relevant to the client.

We have a long track record of delivering innovative solutions built using cutting-edge technology and displaying our sustainable thinking. Our high calibre staff reflect a culture of research and excellence that is central to our business philosophy. We use a software engineering approach to ensure reliability in our software solutions.

Knowledge Retention

A partnership with Equitis means you get consistency and continuity. Unlike individual contractors at one end of the spectrum or large consultancy firms at the other, our experts will still be available after the completion of an assignment. The knowledge and skills gained while working on client projects remain accessible and ready for you to deploy again when required.

Service Excellence

At Equitis we foster a culture of openness, teamwork and respect. This respect extends to our clients and their technical abilities. We are keen to understand and support your business goals and listen to your needs. We know that clear communication and project management are key to a successful assignment.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to respond quickly to our clients’ requirements.

Many of our business relationships date back over 10 or 15 years, bearing witness to the quality of our full life-cycle management services.

Value for Money

Our consultancy services are always competitively priced. We value long term relationships and our pricing reflects that business objective.