Building Carbon Footprint

What is a Building Carbon Footprint?

The Equitis Building Carbon Footprinting methodology lets you understand the carbon footprint generated from your building occupation.

A carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an entity. This entity can be a building, an organisation, an event or a product. The Equitis Building Carbon Footprint (BCF) provides a measurement of the lifecycle carbon footprint of a single building. It is made up of three components, each representing greenhouse gas emissions created by the building over its lifecycle.

The three emission components are:-

operating carbon emissions generated by the use of electricity, gas and other fuels used for heating, cooling, lighting, hot water, computers and other plant and equipment.
transport carbon emissions generated as a result of travel to and from the building.
embodied carbon emissions generated by the construction, redevelopment, maintenance or refurbishment of the building.


Our BCF methodology is focused on commercial, industrial and business property. The model has an extension for residential property that forms part of a larger building. It is based on heuristics and indicators that are used to provide realistic metrics across a range of parameters under the three emission components.

These are entered into the CalCo2 engine, which is used to calculate the BCF metric in tCO2e for an individual building.

See our Technical Paper Building Carbon Footprinting: Calculation and Assessment for a detailed explanation of the way the three BCF components are calculated.

The Building Carbon Footprint (BCF) is expressed as a single metric that combines all three components.

A BCF is measured in terms of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) per annum.

The challenges of sustainability represent the greatest problem of our age. At Equitis we take time to reflect and we make time to think. We deliver sustainable thinking for the real estate profession worldwide.
Dr Nigel Mehdi

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