Heat Network Consultancy

Our Heat Network Consultancy service will help you to understand and meet your obligations in the UK Heat Network Regulations. We provide a professional service to building owners and managing agents explaining in simple terms the nature of the Regulations to help you decide what actions are needed to comply.

The UK Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 came into force in 2015. They are part of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and place an obligation on  suppliers of shared heating systems, known as heat networks, to ensure that the energy use is fairly recorded and charged to the individual heat consumers. The supplier is often a building owner or landlord and the regulations apply to all types of buildings, including business and residential property.

The regulations require registration by suppliers of heat networks by 31 December 2015 and place obligations on the heat supplier to install metering and measurement equipment to enable usage based billing by 31 December 2016.

How we can help?

Starting with an initial consultation, we will draw up and agree a clear plan of action detailing the steps needed under the Regulations.

If you are unsure, our initial assessment will determine whether you have a heat network for which you are responsible. The service includes registration with the National Measurements Office, which is the first step towards regulatory compliance.

Following registration, we will conduct a survey to assess the viability of meter installation. The Regulations set out detailed criteria for the determination of cost effectiveness and technical feasibility. The survey will take into account the cost and technical feasibility of the installation – if the costs are prohibitive or if the installation is impractical you could be exempt from the requirement to install heat or energy meters. Our expert sustainability consultants will advise you.

If meter installation is required, our project management team will ensure that it takes place in a timely and efficient fashion with minimum disruption to your tenants.

Finally, we can offer automated data collection and presentation in an online portal, giving you access to our online tools which calculate the billings in full compliance with the new regulations.

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