Strategy & Policy

When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind
Seneca, Roman philosopher


We work with you to help make your organisation more sustainable, identifying risks and opportunities, focusing on the things that matter and helping you define your strategy and get ready for practical changes at an operational level.

Sustainability strategy is essential to you and your stakeholders, demonstrating that your business is actively managing the opportunities and risks associated with sustainability challenges.

Our strategy advisory practice will work with you to develop strong environmental strategies tailored to meet your business's needs. Sustainability strategies touch on many areas of organisational activity.

Examples include:-

  1. Community engagement initiatives to engage with the local community and gain support for your core objectives;
  2. Developing a sustainability framework for your project or organisation;
  3. Strategies to reduce or change the way you use resources;
  4. Dealing with legislation which which has operational and financial implications;
  5. Development of your own professional services for clients who expect a clear awareness of sustainability from their professional advisers.


When it comes to policy, we help set the policy that you want to implement and enable you to engage with sustainability challenges at the right level for your business.

We can help you to:-

  1. Establish processes to measure your current consumption of energy, materials, solid waste and fuel;
  2. Establish appropriate targets and a timeframe for a reduction in your consumption levels;
  3. Develop a realistic plan to achieve this reduction and provide implementation support.

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