Sustainability Metrics

Technology to Improve Sustainability Performance

The measurement of sustainability is a key challenge for real estate professionals. Equitis has a portfolio of measurement, assessment and audit tools to give your clients the information they need to understand and improve their sustainability performance.

Sustainability Metrics

SUMET is an evaluation methodology developed to help balance the many factors that affect sustainability. SUMET metrics help project teams to measure and improve performance and meet stakeholders’ expectations throughout the property or project lifecycle.

The SUMET methodology was piloted at Coed Darcy in South Wales where a Demonstration Village has been built to exemplify sustainable construction practices.

In any project, sustainable outcomes and targets need to be clearly identified and, to demonstrate success, it is necessary to track these goals over the life of the project

Sustainability Reporting

Equitis creates custom software that offers unique capabilities for data collection and reporting which cannot be satisfied by off-the-shelf applications. We utilise the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Framework which is widely used around the world to report economic, environmental and social performance.

Sustainable Property Assessments

A Sustainable Property Assessment offers a low-cost solution for profiling the sustainability performance of a single site or building. As well as energy consumption, an assessment can cover all environmental issues associated with your building along with socio-economic issues, such as community and occupier well-being.

The service focuses on characteristics of the building and the quality of management practices that are in place. The assessment is undertaken using an online questionnaire, supported by a site survey conducted by one of our sustainability experts.

Sustainability Audits

An audit enables informed decisions to be made about managing environmental impacts. Our focus on real estate allows us to deliver sustainability audits that are relevant to a single property, or a portfolio of properties, be they investment properties under management or occupational property assets.

Our Baseline Review is a comprehensive audit that is compliant with ISO14001. This makes it appropriate for reporting to external stakeholders and provides the starting point for developing an Environmental Management System (EMS).

We can also carry out an organisational audit for sustainability which will deliver against the criteria contained within the European Community Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

Carbon Footprint Calculations

At Equitis we believe that all organisations should measure their carbon impact. Carbon footprinting is the first step to measuring this impact and it will help your clients to understand the sources of carbon from their real estate operations.

A CALCO2 carbon footprint report sets out carbon emissions, split by source, and gives an overall picture of carbon usage. It includes energy use through real estate occupation, and can also include business operations and processes as well as business travel.

This will give the necessary data to identify reduction opportunities and establish a baseline against which to monitor change.

Energy Performance Certificates

It is now a UK legal requirement for all commercial buildings to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when being sold or let. Our government certified Commercial Energy Assessors can prepare an EPC for all types of business property.

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